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All About Smart TV’s

By on June 15, 2016

Smart TVs

Upgrading to a smart TV or add a whole new way of enjoying your home entertainment system. These TV’s come with a range of incredible features that make your life easier by providing a range of different applications.

Smart televisions are also known as Internet televisions due to their ability to connect to the Internet. All types of tasks come in handy when having your TV connected to the Internet. A full range of applications can be downloaded from the applications store and streaming becomes a breeze. With this article, we will consider some of the very best features that these TV’s provide.

1080p vs 4K

1080p is very common among smart TV’s. This is the first to the resolutions that will give you can provide, which is quite important to every user. There is no point of buying an expensive TV and not having a better picture quality than your old LCD. The higher resolution also offers deeper blacks and much brighter colours.

LED Smart TV’s

LED TV’s definitely offer a much better viewing experience and is much lighter on the eyes. The steam is a brighter than normal LCD’s, much better balanced, which gives you a great picture overall.

With 4K, the resolutions have always been doubled. This means twice as many pixels within the same screen size. As you can imagine this improves the picture quality by a massive amount. You will find every edge is sharper and every shade is more defined. However, for the time being it’s not really worth buying a 4K television unless you are upgrading from a normal LCD and can afford the massive price they come with, but going from a smart TV to a 4K TV, might be a bit of a waste right now.

There are an to that much media that can be viewed in 4K as yet. Even though Youtube and Netflix among many other companies have are added some content, but definitely not enough to make the switch worthwhile.

The Apps


This is where a smart TV simply becomes amazing. Just like the applications that are available on your mobile device, you can now use applications on your television. Users should expect the full range you can get it your mobile device as 90% of these applications will be useless on your television.
Applications such as Youtube, Netflix and many others can be accessed through your smart TV. All you need is a simple Internet connection with a cable or with Wi-Fi. You can stream Youtube content straight from your TV or watch the latest movies on Netflix. You can also use your television to access social media apps such as Facebook and twitter. The TV also gives you updates on the latest news, up to date weather and the ability to stream radio stations from around the world.


Smartphones work perfectly with these televisions as you can actually download remotes for the television on your mobile device, share media from your mobile device straight onto a TV and even use the television as a mirror device, displaying every move you make on your mobile.
With technology growing at such a rapid pace, the applications and abilities for the smart televisions will simply become more and more amazing. If you are considering a new television, make sure it’s a smart TV or keep saving instead.